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Provides innovative ideas for designing and manufacturing construction products such as PVC, UPVC and mass producing of wall covering panel, false ceilings, hard wall and 60*60 tiles.

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Clients can use this software to sample part-packed products with their design and colors in different environments.

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PartSafhe company, with a wide network of agents and sales agents throughout the country as well as countries in the region such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Gulf States, are always ready to offer their products.

PartSafhe Company

Part of the company has been working on the production of PVC foam sheets since 2002, and since 2008, it has begun the production of double-edged ceilings and false ceilings. The company is currently the largest and most comprehensive producer of wall panels, suspended ceilings and pvc tools. With over 40 lines of production and with a monthly production volume of 800,000 square meters in Iran. Part of the page To provide the best product from the very beginning, the most advanced machine has selected the best materials and most experienced staff and the most diversified range. The high diversity of products in the company has increased the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers and increased demand for purchase

Top Brand In Production Capacity

PartSafhe is the largest and most comprehensive manufacturer of wall covering, false ceilings and accessories

Top Brand in Number Of Production

PartSafhe has 40 production line.

Currently PartSafhe has about 150 active agent in iran.

Distribution of products uniformly throughout the country has always been one of the most important goals of the company.

With regard to the fact that export development is one of the factors of economic development in the country, PartSafhe focuses its efforts to achieve this.

In this regard, we invite all the comrades who are in a position to sell the products in order to provide representation at home and abroad.


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Products Advantages

In below are present some of our products advantage


Easy Installation

Sound, Moisture and Heat Insulation

Anti Acid


Anti Insect

Variation of Design and Color



Distribution of products uniformly throughout the country has always been one of the most important goals of the company.

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